2023 cannabis holiday gift guide

A true cannabis connoisseur has tried almost every
cannabis accessory on the market.


So what’s a good gift for the smoker who can’t be surprised?


Everything included on our Cannabis Holiday Gifts for Connoisseurs list is guaranteed to “wow” even the most seasoned smoker on your list.

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The Balloon Pipe by Edie Parker

Who doesn't love a fun way to consume cannabis? The Balloon Pipe by Edie Parker allows you to 'air' on the side fun! This pipe comes in assorted colors and is sure to be a hit with whomever you gift it to!

edie parker

Cranberry Sage Social Tonic by Cann

As the cannabis beverage market continues to gain acceptance by our society, Cann is leading the way. They have delicious flavors such as Lemon Lavender and Grapefruit Rosemary on their regular menu, but came out with an the exceptional flavor combination of Cranberry and Sage that will surely make your holiday dinner party pop off!

cann beverages

G Pen Hyer

If you're looking for a gift for that cannabis connoisseur in your life, the G Pen Hyer Vaporizer is one of the most functional dual-use, portable enails that work with concentrates or dried herb and pairs with any glass-on-glass water piece. It really is the ultimate rig! FYI, the Dry Herb Attachment is sold separately.

gpen hyer vaporizer

Revelry Bags

For those that don't want to venture out and prefer not to smell like cannabis, Revelry makes some of the best, most stylish smell-proof bags on the market. They have a number of stylish bags to choose from, but The Companion, The Drifter, and The Sheila are a few of our fav's.