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You’ve done the hardest part. You created something the cannabis industry needs. Whether it’s a new tech, cannabis accessory, fertilizer mix, whatever it is, you have the latest and greatest idea. Now you need resources to purchase materials and essentials to grow your marijuana business. Therein lies the rub.


As you may have discovered, it can be difficult to find financing solutions - even if you have a perfect credit score. After all, cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, so even where state law permits the cultivation and sales of marijuana, traditional banks are shying away from the sector.


That’s where we come in. FundCanna specializes in cannabis business loans. We provide a wide range of business financing options: term loans, sba loans, equipment financing, cash advances, and more.

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We Will Finance Your Ancillary Cannabis Business 

Financing challenges sit atop the long list of hurdles facing cannabis businesses, including non-plant-touching, or ancillary, cannabis brands.


Although most states have legalized some form of cannabis, it remains banned at the federal level. This creates operational problems such as delays, interruptions in the supply chain, and financial hurdles for legal cannabis businesses. 


Despite the rapid growth experienced in the cannabis industry, the federal stance on marijuana makes it hard for ancillary cannabis businesses to access traditional financial support such as bank loans and raising capital from equity or debt. All too often, many ancillary cannabis business operators have had their bank accounts closed due to their links with the cannabis industry.

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Unlike typical or 'normal' businesses, operators in the cannabis sector have to incur 3 to 4 times higher financing and operating costs. These high financial and operating costs are driven mainly by supply-chain management costs associated with the inability to transfer cannabis operations and products between states and the high cost of regulatory demands.

Despite the current circumstances, ancillary cannabis brands no longer have to pause or interrupt operations due to a lack of funding.


At FundCanna, we understand your challenges as an ancillary cannabis operator looking for financing to run and grow your business. We help ancillary brands by providing different financing options, including cash advances, SBA loans, term loans, equipment loans and many more options tailored to your business needs.

Why Ancillary Cannabis Businesses Should Consider Different Financing Options

There are several reasons why you should consider different financing options for your ancillary cannabis business:



Increasing Qualified Staff


One of the main challenges facing new cannabis businesses is the stiff competition in the market. It's, therefore, important for new ancillary business operators to look for ways to stand out and grow their clientele.


Motivated, professional and qualified staff helps you grow your customer base, creating new revenue streams.


FundCanna offers the monetary support you need to hire the right staff to help take your business to the next level.

Expanding Your Facilities


Maybe you need a new office for your business? Or perhaps you need to buy new machinery and equipment for your ancillary cannabis business?


You don't have to delay the acquisition or use your personal funds. FundCanna will find the right loan for you. 


While some banks may be willing to offer you money to expand your facilities, you will probably be forced to put your personal assets, such as a car or your home, on the line and use them as collateral. This puts you at risk of losing your property if your business fails to perform as expected. At FundCanna, we provide several financing options customized to your specific needs.

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Purchasing More Goods At Deeper Discounts


Having additional funds at your disposal means you can buy more goods for your business at deeper discounts.


Our fast and flexible ancillary cannabis financing options ensure your business always has the chance to expand!


For instance, if your ancillary business company wants to invest in more inventory and doesn't have enough cash flow, all you have to do is to contact FundCanna to get a line of credit and free up cash flow.


You'll be required to fill up our application form, which our team will review and approve the loan within 24 hours. Once approved, you will have the cash deposited within 24 hours.


In as little as 48 hours, your company has the inventory it needs to sell to start making profits, and you can pay us back over time.


Absolutely! Fundcanna provides access to capital to all cannabis businesses in the supply chain as well as all businesses that service the supply chain. Apply today!

Ancillary companies have access to the full suite of financial products provided by FundCanna.

Ancillary cannabis companies need to provide FundCanna 3 months bank statements, our simple application, and year to date financials. That's it.

Not necessarily. The majority of our financial solutions do not require any sort of collateral to get approved.

Vendor Financing

One of the most challenging things for small or new business owners is waiting for invoices to be cleared.

Not only do irregular payments and collection cycles drain your energy, but they can also paralyze your operations, killing your momentum.

With FundCanna's invoice financing, you can continue to run your business even when your clients have not cleared your invoices!

Don't let people's delayed and irregular payment cycles deter you from investing in your business. Send us your invoices, and we'll clear 80% of your invoice amount. We will send you the remaining 20% minus loan processing fees once your client pays.

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Working Capital

Cash flow can be a problem for small ancillary cannabis businesses. Your clients won't always pay invoices on time. When that time comes, don't let it frustrate you.

With FundCanna's inventory financing, you can buy the necessary supplies and materials to meet your demands.

Suppose you need supplies from your vendors and are out of cash. Contact us, and we'll pay your suppliers for the materials required. Once your clients have paid you, you only pay us for the supplies we paid for, plus fees. The good thing? You'll only pay financing fees on the amount of money you use, regardless of how much you're approved for.

Working Capital

You need supplies and materials to meet your demands. But as small businesses everywhere can attest, cash flow can be a problem. After all, clients don’t always pay invoices when you want them to. It’s frustrating, and can slow your growth… if you let it. Don’t let it!


FundCanna’s inventory financing offers solutions to help get your products into your customer’s hands. Upon approval, we’ll pay your vendors for the supplies you need, and when your accounts payable come through, you pay us back for the supplies we bought, plus any accrued financing fees. You only pay fees on the amount of funds you use, regardless of how much you’re approved for.

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