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debt financing for cannabis business

Debt Financing in the Cannabis Industry is on the Rise

By Eric Kaufman | September 8, 2023

DEBT FINANCING IS ON THE RISE BY CHRISTOPHER JONES | MG MAGAZINE With cannabis stock prices stalling and sliding over…

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cannabis schedule 3 info

Not all sunshine: Things to consider about HHS/DEA recommendation 

By Adam Stettner | September 5, 2023

While the possibility of rescheduling is exciting and the biggest news for Cannabis since the Cole Memo, there are numerous…

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fundcanna and nabis partnership

FundCanna partners with Nabis

By JP Lagos | August 29, 2023

FundCanna Named Preferred Lending Partner of Nabis California’s Leading Cannabis Lender to Coordinate Financing with  State’s Largest Service Provider to…

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ntnl relaxation day

Discover Tranquility on National Relaxation Day: A Retreat for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

By JP Lagos | August 11, 2023

Discover Tranquility on National Relaxation Day A Retreat for Cannabis Entrepreneurs Greetings to all the visionaries in the cannabis industry!…

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blog 13 states w

These Are the 13 States Consuming the Most Cannabis Per Capita (And How It Might Help Your Business)

By Adam Stettner | July 20, 2023

US cannabis retail sales expect to generate $33.5 billion this year. By 2028, the market is forecasted to contribute approximately…

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listen to buy podcast adam stettner ceo 600

Freedom to Buy Podcast: Adam Stettner Interview

By Eric Kaufman | July 11, 2023
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market report cannabis industry

Market Report: Cannabis Market Expected To Grow For Years Despite Setbacks

By Adam Stettner | July 10, 2023

CANNABIS MARKET REPORT Cannabis Market Expected To Grow For Years Despite Setbacks Sometimes the news and the industry chatter may…

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kcsa green rush podcast

Green Rush Podcast with FundCanna CEO Adam Stettner

By fundcanna | June 29, 2023

FundCanna CEO Adam Stettner recently sat down with Kris Krane of the Green Rush Podcast to have a conversation that…

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ultimate guide to cannabis equipment loans

The Ultimate Cannabis Equipment Financing Guide

By Adam Stettner | June 28, 2023

As the cannabis industry grows and evolves, so do the industry’s business needs. One of the most pressing needs for…

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