Thinking Outside The Bud Podcast

Our CEO, Adam Stettner, sat down with Bruce Eckfeldt of the Thinking Outside The Bud Podcast to discuss factoring, industry trends, the history of FundCanna and more...click below to listen.

Adam Stettner, Founder & CEO of FundCanna

Adam has 30 years of business, strategy and leadership experience in both Private and Public Companies. In 2021, Adam believed the timing and opportunity was right for him to bring his passion for business, innovative financing and entrepreneurial spirit to the Cannabis sector by creating funding products for all areas of this early stage, growth industry by founding FundCanna. FundCanna provides short term funding to all areas of the sector; cultivators, manufacturers, vendors, suppliers, distributors and retailers. In just its first year, FundCanna has underwritten roughly 500 files and funded approximately 250 unique files bringing much needed liquidity and financing solutions to the legal Cannabis industry.