The FundCanna Process

The Canna Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States.
All industries need access to capital, Canna in particular.

We make it easy for the entire supply chain to access flexible capital solutions.

Our Process

Cannabis loans by FundCanna

Step 1:   Apply

Our 3 step application is quick & easy.

Fill out our online application and upload the requested documents.

Step 2:   Get Approved

Approvals in as little as 24 hours.

Our team takes pride in providing access to the capital your company needs as quick as possible.

Step 3:   Receive Funding

Have access to capital in less than 24 hours.

Funds are released the same day as your approval.

It's that simple.

Fill out the form below and have access to the capital you need in as little as 24 hours.

FundCanna Reviews

Cannabis loans by FundCanna

We at FundCanna are so grateful for the positive reviews that our clients have left us. We take great pride in providing capital to Cannabis Businesses nationwide, and it is always rewarding to hear that our clients are satisfied with our financial solutions and industry leading customer service.

tradecraft farms fundcanna reviews
5 star review fundcanna
5 star review fundcanna

“With so many aspects to our vertically integrated business, the pressures on capital are constant.

FundCanna was able to put a program in place to help us finance our growing operations and provided funding for our construction costs for expansion of our indoor facility.

The understanding of our needs and the industry make FundCanna an excellent partner that we will continue to use.

It is a relief that there is finally a finance company in the Cannabis space that has the experience and credibility to service companies like ours.”

Barry Walker

CEO / President

TradeCraft Farms / DubBros

humboldt distribution company fundcanna review
5 star review fundcanna
5 star review fundcanna

“Our distribution company needed funding for our brand to pre-pay our manufacturer for hardware and packaging. The previous finance company we worked with could not accommodate our needs and lacked reliability.

We began to research lenders and came across Fundcanna. They understood our needs and got us the funding we needed quickly.

We were happy to replace our old funding source with FundCanna."

Edward Houghton


Humboldt Distribution Co.

fire and flower fundcanna reviews
5 star review fundcanna
5 star review fundcanna

“As we continue to expand our dispensary locations, funding for the build outs became a pressing need.

FundCanna gave us the path to success by providing access to cash that scales while we scale. They were fast, transparent and honest.”

Benjamin Condron

Director of Compliance and Government Affairs

Fire & Flower USA

mile high dabs fundcanna reviews
5 star review fundcanna
5 star review fundcanna

“Manufacturers have many needs for capital that do not align with revenue cycles. To our surprise, FundCanna understood this. We needed to invest in expansion and driving more sales.

By augmenting our cash flow with funds provided by FundCanna, we were able to hire staff and expand our purchases of biomass and pucks. This increased our sales.

The process was straightforward and the communication top-notch. I knew each step of the way what to expect. We will continue to use FundCanna. They are a dependable resource that companies in our industry need.”

Gunner Scott

Owner / CEO

Mile High Dabs

kuda cannabis fundcanna reviews
5 star review fundcanna
5 star review fundcanna

“After meeting Ryan, FundCanna’s CRO at Hall of Flowers, I, introduced him to our CFO. I knew we needed a way to get more product flowing through our business. The funds they provided helped us get exactly what we needed.

FundCanna understands our industry, took the time to understand our business needs and made the process seamless. We will continue to use them and can recommend them highly.”

Max Petras


KUDA Cannabis

pecos valley production fundcanna review
5 star review fundcanna
5 star review fundcanna

“It was harvest time and we needed funds to pay for the additional labor and processing costs for a large yield.

FundCanna understood our business and structured the funding so we could take advantage of the early payoff discount.

We are also able to get additional funds or draw multiple times to support our needs and expansion. We will continue to use FundCanna to finance our operations.”

Kelsey Cunningham

Director / Finance

Pecos Valley Production

5 star review fundcanna
5 star review fundcanna

“We are a legacy hash brand in Washington State, in a period of expansion. Seeking funding, we engaged Peter Gladish at FundCanna on a Tuesday and by Friday, Peter had set up a financing package for us. Peter is alert, patient, knowledgeable, and true to his word.

FundCanna has multiple advantages in the challenging world of cannabis capital raising. We are grateful for Peter and his colleagues at FundCanna. They’ve assisted Sitka Hash House by facilitating an increase in our product line and the level of business we are able to carry on with our producer-partners and wholesale buyers.

End users are already enjoying a wider spectrum of Sitka hashish and infused pre-rolls thanks to Sitka’s enhanced buying power, and Sitka owners stand to enjoy improved profitability in the months ahead.”

Jeff Graham


Sitka Hash House

5 star review fundcanna
5 star review fundcanna

"We were introduced to FundCanna by an existing customer and were led by Ryan at FundCanna.

Together, we worked out what the financing model was, and then we worked that back into our financial statements to see does that work for us?

And we found out it did work for us.

So we began by financing the purchase of inventory and then because we knew how fast our inventory turned. It was a perfect vehicle for us."

David Franco



trade roots cannabis dispensary
5 star review fundcanna
5 star review fundcanna

"FundCanna has been a pleasure to work with.  The onboarding and diligence processes were easy, and funding is quick.

They have helped Trade Roots manage cashflow, which has enabled us to purchase consumables at key inflection points in our growth.”

Jesse Pitts


Trade Roots Cannabis Dispensary

Get the funding you need. FAST.

Approvals in as little as 24 hours

Cannabis loans by FundCanna