Brand Spotlight: Summerland

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, it's exciting to see companies bring fresh, new looks to legacy products. Case in point, Summerland is a San Francisco based producer of bespoke ceramic bongs and clay pipes.


They produce small batches of their premium smoking products and live up to their motto "Sustainability, Function and Form". The quality of their goods is noticeable the second you pick up one of their products.

The number of compliments I've received regarding my Summerland Chongo Bong is in the dozens. (the one on the far right)

summerland ceramic bongs
summerland clay pipes

Aside from the obvious focus on aesthetics, their pipes and bongs work very well and are easy to clean. I picked mine up from Dutchie, but you can find Summerland products in shops and dispensaries in virtually every state.

To learn more about Summerland and where to find their awesome products, visit them @