ohio state vs michigan

The state of Ohio just became the 24th state in
our country to fully legalize adult-use cannabis.


And it was a close one. Opposition showed up in numbers to oppose the amendment, while cannabis advocates met them in stride, campaigning for the amendment to be passed. It seemed like a toss-up. Sides evenly split. Like any great rivalry, say the upcoming #3 Ohio State Buckeyes vs. #2 Michigan football game on November 25, it was a nail biting finish.

Ultimately, Cannabis won.


But how did the tides shift in favor of legalization?


We may want to look at the Ohio State vs. Michigan rivalry a second time.


Buckeye fans do not like Michigan.


Michigan does not like THE Ohio State.


HBO has even made a documentary about their rivalry.


It’s that big.


In an absolutely brilliant move, designed to galvanize younger people to get out and vote, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CRMLA) used the Buckeyes vs. Wolverines rivalry to absolute perfection.

ohio cannabis legalization

For those unaware, the Michigan football program is being investigated for sending video crews to film, and then ultimately steal, their competitors signs used during the game to call plays.

Tapping into this hot topic might have been the spark that lit the proverbial joint.


The tipping point to getting the younger, college-aged voters to get out and vote. Rile ‘em up!!!


By making it seem like Michigan might get a leg up on them if cannabis legalization didn’t pass, it resonated with young voters and they turned out in droves to make sure that didn’t happen.


The group, who historically doesn’t show up to the polls on election day suddenly had a purpose. To have their voice be heard.


Not in our house.

We are THE Ohio State.

We tip our cap to CRMLA for a brilliant ad campaign and congratulate the Ohio cannabis community on a big win!

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