4/20 is Almost Here. Time to Stock Your Shelves!


As we all know, 4/20 is THE day. A day we all celebrate this wonderful plant and appreciate how it has impacted our health, our lives, and our businesses. It's also the time of year where it's vital to have your dispensary shelves stocked to the brim with a huge selection of products. Brands offer huge discounts with great margins and you'll need to act quickly.


That's where FundCanna comes in.


By utilizing our financing options for dispensaries, you can increase your purchasing power to make sure your menu has the best selection in town for the big celebration!

Let's explore some other ways utilizing our Working Capital

solution can help your Cannabis Dispensary GROW

Inventory Management:

Dispensaries can use the financing to purchase and maintain an adequate inventory of cannabis products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, and accessories. This can help your dispensary meet customer demand and maintain your competitive edge.

cannabis inventory

Marketing & Advertising:

Dispensaries can use the working capital to fund marketing and advertising campaigns that can increase visibility and attract more customers. Examples include print and online ads, social media campaigns, and sponsorships of cannabis-related events.

cannabis marketing

Staffing & Payroll:

Dispensaries can use the funds to hire and pay qualified employees, including budtenders, managers, and security personnel. This can help ensure a high level of customer service and compliance with state and local regulations.

cannabis dispensary staff

Equipment & Technology:

Dispensaries can use funding to purchase or upgrade equipment and technology, such as point-of-sale systems, security cameras, and HVAC systems. This can improve efficiency, safety, and overall customer experience.

cannabis equipment

Expansion & Renovation:

Dispensaries can use financing to expand operations or renovate an existing space. This can allow your dispensary to serve more customers, offer a wider range of products and services, and enhance the overall image and brand.

cannabis dispensary remodel