San Diego Business Journal Q&A With FundCanna CEO Adam Stettner

Q&A With FundCanna CEO Adam Stettner

Cannabis loans by FundCanna
FundCanna CEO, Adam Stettner

Adam Stettner knows a lot about the funding needs of small- and medium-sized businesses. As founder and CEO of San Diego-based Reliant Funding, he oversaw over $2 billion in loans to over 60,000 small businesses in his 14-year tenure.


His 30-plus years of business strategy experience has resulted in recognition. He was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 and has been a recurring finalist for San Diego Business Journal’s Most Admired CEO award.

Last year, Stettner decided to take his experience in finance to meet an unmet need in the growing cannabis economy by creating and co-founding FundCanna, LLC, which provides short term funding to all levels of the industry and supply chain. The company began financing in January of this year after raising $5 million of equity and $25 million of debt to get going. So far, FundCanna has provided loans for over 100 clients and according to Stettner over the past six months the company has seen month over month growth, and numbers for Q2 exceed Q1 by over 200%.

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