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Is Cannabis legal in Nebraska?

Nebraska decriminalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis(up to 1 ounce), but the sale of any amount is still a felony with mandatory minimum jail sentences.

Nebraska marijuana business loan option
Nebraska cannabis business loan info

How do you get a license to open a cannabis business in Nebraska?

The only license available in Nebraska is a Hemp cultivator license.

How do you get a license to open a cannabis business in Nebraska?

The only license available in Nebraska is a Hemp cultivator license.

Nebraska cannabis business loan info

Cannabis Loans in Nebraska

It is very unlikely a cannabis company can borrow money from an Nebraskan bank. While cannabis is partially legal in Nebraska, it is still classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance and remains federally illegal. Because of this, most banks and credit card companies won't work with you in any capacity. This means obtaining a loan for your business through your bank won't be possible. 


This is where FundCanna can help. We only lend money to cannabis businesses. It's all we do.

Nebraska cannabis business financing options


Absolutely. But not from the usual sources. Traditional banks historically only approve about 20% of ALL loan applications and being in the Cannabis ecosystem certainly does not improve your chances. Until cannabis is federally legal, expect banks to remain firm in their stance.


That's where FundCanna comes in. We have over 20 years of experience helping small and medium-sized businesses throughout the US get the funding they need. Our team has come together to focus all of its efforts on the underserved community that is Cannabis, and we offer a suite of financial solutions to help your company GROW.

FundCanna makes getting funding quick and easy. Our simple 3-step application process takes about 5 minutes to complete.  Get started by filling out the online application, upload the requested documents, and get approved in as little as 24 hours.

Incredibly quick. You will receive funds in your account the same day you are approved. No waiting periods. We understand you need access to capital when you need it.

We offer cannabis working capital loans, equipment financing, lines of credit, dispensary loans and vendor financing. Our team will help you choose which path is best in your journey to scale your business.

We offer cannabis funding in every city in Nebraska:


Adams, NE

Ainsworth, NE

Albion, NE

Alda, NE

Alexandria, NE

Allen, NE

Alliance, NE

Alma, NE

Amherst, NE

Ansley, NE

Arapahoe, NE

Arcadia, NE

Arnold, NE

Ashland, NE

Ashton, NE

Atkinson, NE

Auburn, NE

Aurora, NE

Avoca, NE

Axtell, NE

Bancroft, NE

Bartley, NE

Bassett, NE

Battle Creek, NE

Bayard, NE

Beatrice, NE

Beaver City, NE

Beaver Crossing, NE

Bee, NE

Beemer, NE

Bellevue, NE

Bellwood, NE

Benedict, NE

Benkelman, NE

Bennet, NE

Bennington, NE

Bertrand, NE

Big Springs, NE

Bladen, NE

Blair, NE

Bloomfield, NE

Blue Hill, NE

Blue Springs, NE

Boys Town, NE

Bradshaw, NE

Brady, NE

Brainard, NE

Bridgeport, NE

Broken Bow, NE

Brule, NE

Bruning, NE

Burwell, NE

Butte, NE

Cairo, NE

Callaway, NE

Cambridge, NE

Campbell, NE

Carroll, NE

Cedar Bluffs, NE

Cedar Creek, NE

Cedar Rapids, NE

Central City, NE

Ceresco, NE

Chadron, NE

Chambers, NE

Chapman, NE

Chappell, NE

Chester, NE

Clarks, NE

Clarkson, NE

Clatonia, NE

Clay Center, NE

Clearwater, NE

Coleridge, NE

Columbus, NE

Cook, NE

Cortland, NE

Cozad, NE

Craig, NE

Crawford, NE

Creighton, NE

Creston, NE

Crete, NE

Crofton, NE

Culbertson, NE

Curtis, NE

Dakota City, NE

Dalton, NE

Dannebrog, NE

Davenport, NE

David City, NE

Dawson, NE

De Witt, NE

Decatur, NE

Deshler, NE

Diller, NE

Dix, NE

Dodge, NE

Doniphan, NE

Dorchester, NE

Douglas, NE

Dunbar, NE

Duncan, NE

Dwight, NE

Eagle, NE

Edgar, NE

Elba, NE

Elgin, NE

Elkhorn, NE

Elm Creek, NE

Elmwood, NE

Elwood, NE

Emerson, NE

Eustis, NE

Ewing, NE

Exeter, NE

Fairbury, NE

Fairfield, NE

Fairmont, NE

Falls City, NE

Farnam, NE

Firth, NE

Fort Calhoun, NE

Franklin, NE

Fremont, NE

Friend, NE

Fullerton, NE

Funk, NE

Garland, NE

Geneva, NE

Genoa, NE

Gering, NE

Gibbon, NE

Giltner, NE

Glenvil, NE

Gordon, NE

Gothenburg, NE

Grand Island, NE

Grant, NE

Greeley, NE

Greenwood, NE

Gresham, NE

Gretna, NE

Guide Rock, NE

Gurley, NE

Hadar, NE

Haigler, NE

Hallam, NE

Hampton, NE

Harrison, NE

Hartington, NE

Harvard, NE

Hastings, NE

Hay Springs, NE

Hayes Center, NE

Hebron, NE

Hemingford, NE

Herman, NE

Hershey, NE

Hickman, NE

Hildreth, NE

Holbrook, NE

Holdrege, NE

Holstein, NE

Homer, NE

Hooper, NE

Hoskins, NE

Howells, NE

Hubbard, NE

Humboldt, NE

Humphrey, NE

Hyannis, NE

Imperial, NE

Indianola, NE

Jackson, NE

Johnson, NE

Juniata, NE

Kearney, NE

Kenesaw, NE

Kennard, NE

Kimball, NE

La Vista, NE

Laurel, NE

Lawrence, NE

Leigh, NE

Lewellen, NE

Lexington, NE

Lincoln, NE

Lindsay, NE

Litchfield, NE

Lodgepole, NE

Long Pine, NE

Loomis, NE

Louisville, NE

Loup City, NE

Lyman, NE

Lynch, NE

Lyons, NE

Macy, NE

Madison, NE

Madrid, NE

Malcolm, NE

Marquette, NE

Maxwell, NE

Maywood, NE

Mc Cook, NE

Mc Cool Junction, NE

Mead, NE

Meadow Grove, NE

Merna, NE

Milford, NE

Milligan, NE

Minatare, NE

Minden, NE

Mitchell, NE

Monroe, NE

Morrill, NE

Mullen, NE

Murdock, NE

Murray, NE

Nebraska City, NE

Nehawka, NE

Neligh, NE

Nelson, NE

Newcastle, NE

Newman Grove, NE

Nickerson, NE

Niobrara, NE

Norfolk, NE

North Bend, NE

North Loup, NE

North Platte, NE

Oakdale, NE

Oakland, NE

Odell, NE

Offutt A F B, NE

Ogallala, NE

Omaha, NE

Orchard, NE

Ord, NE

Orleans, NE

Osceola, NE

Oshkosh, NE

Osmond, NE

Otoe, NE

Overton, NE

Oxford, NE

Palisade, NE

Palmer, NE

Palmyra, NE

Panama, NE

Papillion, NE

Pawnee City, NE

Paxton, NE

Peru, NE

Petersburg, NE

Phillips, NE

Pierce, NE

Pilger, NE

Plainview, NE

Platte Center, NE

Plattsmouth, NE

Pleasant Dale, NE

Pleasanton, NE

Plymouth, NE

Polk, NE

Ponca, NE

Potter, NE

Prague, NE

Randolph, NE

Ravenna, NE

Red Cloud, NE

Republican City, NE

Rising City, NE

Riverdale, NE

Roca, NE

Roseland, NE

Rulo, NE

Rushville, NE

Saint Edward, NE

Saint Paul, NE

Sargent, NE

Schuyler, NE

Scotia, NE

Scottsbluff, NE

Scribner, NE

Seward, NE

Shelby, NE

Shelton, NE

Shickley, NE

Shubert, NE

Sidney, NE

Silver Creek, NE

Snyder, NE

South Sioux City, NE

Spalding, NE

Spencer, NE

Springfield, NE

Springview, NE

Stamford, NE

Stanton, NE

Staplehurst, NE

Stapleton, NE

Stella, NE

Sterling, NE

Stratton, NE

Stromsburg, NE

Stuart, NE

Sumner, NE

Superior, NE

Sutherland, NE

Sutton, NE

Syracuse, NE

Table Rock, NE

Talmage, NE

Taylor, NE

Tekamah, NE

Thedford, NE

Tilden, NE

Trenton, NE

Trumbull, NE

Uehling, NE

Ulysses, NE

Unadilla, NE

Union, NE

Utica, NE

Valentine, NE

Valley, NE

Valparaiso, NE

Verdigre, NE

Verdon, NE

Waco, NE

Wahoo, NE

Wakefield, NE

Wallace, NE

Walthill, NE

Waterloo, NE

Wauneta, NE

Wausa, NE

Waverly, NE

Wayne, NE

Weeping Water, NE

West Point, NE

Western, NE

Weston, NE

Wilber, NE

Wilcox, NE

Winnebago, NE

Winside, NE

Wisner, NE

Wolbach, NE

Wood River, NE

Wymore, NE

York, NE

Yutan, NE

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