MJ Bulls Podcast: Cannabis Investing and Fundraising

adam stettner mj bulls podcast

MJ Bulls Podcast | Cannabis Investing & Cannabis Fundraising FundCanna Founder and CEO Adam Stettner sits down with Dan Humiston, host of the MJ Bulls podcast to talk about cannabis financing, debt vs equity, and much much more. If you’re looking for funding, this is a worthwhile listen. Share this article on Facebook Twitter Linkedin…

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FundCanna offers financing options for Ancillary Cannabis Businesses

ancillary cannabis loans

Financing Options for Ancillary Cannabis Businesses Cannabis brands face additional, higher hurdles when seeking funding. Ancillary brands, in particular, can find themselves with minimal resources. Often cast aside by traditional lenders and overlooked by plant-touching-focused investors, ancillary brands sometimes fail to receive the attention they deserve. Ancillary brands make up a more significant portion of…

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FundCanna Named the Preferred Lending Partner for PayQwick


x FundCanna Named the Preferred Lending Partner for PayQwick Preferred Lending solutions will accelerate and expand access to capital and critical financial services for cannabis companies SAN DIEGO AND LOS ANGELES, CA, September 12, 2022 – FundCanna, the leading provider of capital to small to medium-sized businesses throughout the cannabis sector, today announced a partnership…

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Brand Spotlight – Summerland

summerland pipes

Brand Spotlight: Summerland As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, it’s exciting to see companies bring fresh, new looks to legacy products. Case in point, Summerland is a San Francisco based producer of bespoke ceramic bongs and clay pipes.   They produce small batches of their premium smoking products and live up to their motto…

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The State of Lending in the Cannabis Sector


“FundCanna CEO Adam Stettner on the State of Lending in the Cannabis Sector” Adam Stettner is the Founder and CEO of FundCanna, one of the leading lender in the cannabis industry. With over the past 20+ years, the FundCanna team of financial experts has provided nearly $20 Billion in funding to underserved businesses and individuals…

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Cannabis banking is available


Cannabis Banking is Available US: “For now, we should focus on the fact that cannabis banking is already available”   “Of course, banking is not as widely available in the industry as we would like it to be, and there are some unique challenges when it comes to cannabis financing. Still, it is important for…

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